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Below are 6 CD's of Ambient - Space Music that were released between 1998 and 2017 by John Lyell (the first two in partnership with Brent Reiland). Please check out some of the Audio samples and the Press Reviews as well.
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Planetary Artifacts  (2017)

Officially released:  February 20th, 2017


"Simply put, if you are a SpaceMusic fan, this is an essential album to own".

~ Bill Binkelman - Zone Music Reporter


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Reflection of Time  (2014)

An unbounded adventure into the ever-expansive cosmos !!

~ eTripper


Officially Released:   March 31st, 2014

Now available on CD Baby and iTunes !


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Eternity  (2012) - John Lyell's newest offering Eternity picks-up where his previous CD, Dimensions ended. This one carries you along on gentle synth-pads, that slowly undulate within the timeless echoes of "Eternity". There is a slight cadence suggesting the passage of time itself. This reflective CD; is a deeply ambient one, that quietly beckons you away from the familiar. It explores limitless vistas, and transports one to deepspace ports-of-call.

Any of these selections, would mesh well on a playlist with: Jonn Serrie, Dreams of Dying Stars, Alpha Wave Movement, Stephanie Sante, or Meg Bowles. At times, this work has an almost exotic feel to it. While at others, you achieve an almost uncanny sense of universal, deep solace.

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Dimensions  (2006) - is an Ambient-SpaceMusic Experience that is a mixture of "Rhythmic Pulses" as well as "Floating" SpaceMusic pieces.

This is the 3rd CD (and 1st Solo release) from John Lyell, an Artist who is steeped in the subconsciousness of today's Ambient Electronic Music.

Dimensions is similar in nature to the previous release Synthetic Universe, in that it is mostly "Warm" and "Airy" in nature. It also has some shades of Wormholes in it but is more evolved than either of the previous two releases and has added some different elements as well.

If your looking for some nice "chill out" Ambient Music that also takes you somewhere, then this is the CD for you !!

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Voted one of the top Ambient CD's of 2006 by Bill Binkelman of New Age Reporter !!





Synthetic Universe  (2002) - is a warm, light and sometimes thought provoking Ambient Electronic Experience that relaxes the mind, takes you on a journey and crosses the boundaries of space and time ! Being their 2nd CD together, John Lyell & Brent A. Reiland have released what has been a long awaited follow up to their critically acclaimed debut CD "Wormholes" (1998).

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Wormholes - is the 1998 debut CD from Brent A. Reiland & John Lyell, two artists who are steeped in the subconsciousness of today's ambient electronic music. Searching through the lighter and darker realms of mood and thought, these two artists have composed, arranged and produced subtle textures and relaxing soundtracks that reach the inner soul as well as the outer limits of space and time.

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