About The Artist

August, 2017


After almost 42 years of living in the Twin Cities of Minnesota area John moved to and now resides in Rio Rancho, New Mexico since July of 2017.

John Lyell  has been a musician since 1984. As a guitar player for over 30 years he has recorded and performed in numerous Rock and Hard Rock band projects since the 1980's as well as Acoustic projects in the 2000's.

Starting in the early 1990's John's focus and interests shifted more to synthesizer based Ambient, Atmospheric & SpaceMusic. He then started putting together a home/project studio around 1996 so that he could write and produce Instrumental synth based music.

From his recording studio in New Mexico he currently writes, records, engineers, and produces Instrumental Ambient Electronic, Atmospheric & SpaceMusic.

Inspired by his first introduction to SpaceMusic back in 1994 from the "Hearts of Space" radio program, John immersed himself in Ambient - SpaceMusic and started dabbling in graphic arts with his first Macintosh computer in June of 1997. With heavy interests in Astronomy, the concept of Time Travel, SpaceMusic and related cosmic subject matter, Lyell used these interests as inspiration to create "Cosmic" and "Surreal" digital art.

John has been continually creating this art since 1997.

Beginning in 2005, John has also displayed and sold his Space Art and Ambient Music at Science Fiction Conventions & Art Fairs in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

As a musician, John has released six Ambient - SpaceMusic CD's commercially:

• "Wormholes" (1998) .....with Brent A. Reiland

• "Synthetic Universe" (2002) .....with Brent A. Reiland

• "Dimensions" (2006) .....his first solo release

• "Eternity" (2012),

• "Reflection of Time" (2014)

• "Planetary Artifacts" (2017)

All of which have received critical acclaim and radio airplay in the U.S., Europe, and Australia on syndicated Ambient and New Age radio shows such as "Hearts Of Space", "Stars End", "Echoes", "Musical Starstreams", "Ultima Thule" as well as numerous internet radio stations internationally.

John continues to create "Cosmic" and "Surreal" digital art and write various styles of music at his studio in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.